The idea of PubFarm started in early 2021. At the time, I operated Orbost Club Hotel, a 130 year old country pub located on the iconic Snowy River in Far East Gippsland , Victoria, Australia.

Sadly, there is an enormous amount of food wastage (people not eating their salad or vegies) – during summer, the pub could generate 30 kilograms (or more) of food waste a day. Couple that with food insecurity and I thought that maybe there’s something we could do to solve both issues.

A block of nearby farm land became available, and so PubFarm was born.

No sooner had we started on this journey than the legal dramas started. Suddenly it became clear that the idea of being able to feed all our food waste to pigs wasn’t allowed – this is a Public Health matter and stems from the Mad Cow (Creutzfeldt-Jacob) disease (or CJD) outbreak in the U.K. back in 2000. In summary, no meat, or meat product or anything that could potentially be contaminated with meat or a meat product could be given to the pigs. So – veg / salad prep prior to it going on a customers plate was ok, but once it had been on a plate it could go to chooks but not to the pigs.


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